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Grateful Dead Live at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. on 1995-05-19

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Grateful Dead Live at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V. on 1995-05-19

Topics Live concert

Picasso Moon, Friend Of The Devil, Wang Dang Doodle, Althea, Queen Jane Approximately, Deal, (50 Mins.) Here Comes Sunshine, Way To Go Home, Playin' In The Band-> Uncle John's Band-> Drums-> Space-> Easy Answers-> Standing On the Moon-> Around & Around, (85 Mins.), E: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, U.N.L.V.
Location Las Vegas, NV

Source Audience: Schoeps MK4's
Lineage Schoeps MK4's (FOB) > Schoeps Pre-amp > Denon80-P > DAT(48kHz) > ZA2 (S/PDIF) > Samplitude > SHN
Taped by Dan Sisler
Transferred by Chris Larson


-This is the best audience of this show I've heard. All band members are audible!
-Minor level adjustments at the beginning of Picasso Moon
-Very slight static in Althea- .183 seconds

there are sbe's on the last track of disc 1 and disc 3 which shouldn't have any detrimental impact on the sound. there are also non-canonical headers on all tracks which should not affect the audio quality of these when burnt to disc, but will show up as an error on shntool under the wav heading - if this really bothers you, you can STRIP the wav's with shntool before burning to cdr - Chris Ladner.


Reviewer: t-rashman - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 19, 2016
Subject: not so bad
This year was a tough one on everyone. all things considered a strong show, where the whole band is involved in keeping the flow. these shows in 95 are different but beautiful in there own way.
Reviewer: billman68 - favorite - May 20, 2014
Subject: Just sad
My last Dead show. Just sad and painful to sit through. Jerry was not playing much at all through the show, just leaning his head on the mic and sleeping. Times on this recording show drums and space lasting some 12 minutes each but it seemed like drums lasted half an hour to cover for Jerry being comatose. I knew after seeing this show if Jerry didn't get a break he was doomed. When I saw the news on VH1 that August (announced with 'He's Gone" playing, someone knew their shit) I was sad beyond belief but I was not surprised.
Reviewer: ThreeFingerStyle - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 21, 2013
Subject: leaving las vegas
Last GD show I attended - fortunately not the best. Hot Tuna's performance later that night in town was at least as satisfactory. Crazy scene in Vegas. Car broke down while I was staying at an ex-gangster's gated abode, and I had to greyhound back to New Mexico, before the end of the run, to keep a job. A buddy of mine testified that the band was on fire for the final show of this run. I was glad to hear it.
Reviewer: feed that jones - favoritefavorite - January 14, 2011
Subject: scene gets shady
the scene was just so ugly at this point, it's almost like people knew the end was nigh, bad vibes everywhere, gone were the girls with scarlet beg tucked into their curls, gone were the boys with nothin left to do but smile smile smile, replaced with poser kids havin too much too fast, not even knowin what it is they dropped. end of an era.
Reviewer: ballin-that-jack - favorite - September 15, 2010
Subject: Worst Althea ever
Sad to say because I was there and Althea is one of my favorite songs. Remember thinking Jerry screwed up but listening to the tapes for the first time in 15 years it sounds like Vince or someone else may be to blame. Either way the whole bridge is butchered. Sucked. Some sad moments musically toward the end, this was one of them. More review to come...
Reviewer: polaristar - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 8, 2010
Subject: Last time...
I had just moved to Henderson, NV and saw that the Dead were coming... couldn't afford tickets so got a job through a temp agency doing security... checking for counterfeit tickets. I worked the first gate... it was absolutely heartbreaking. At the end of our shift standing in the hot sun all day we were allowed in for the last hour each day. I hadn't seen the Dead in over 12 years... my first time was at Fillmore West in early 1970, I flew in from Phoenix to see them, tickets were $2.50? or $3.50? This last time I had made $99.00 to listen/see 3 hours of my favorite music. All in all a good deal but my heart still goes out to those who weren't allowed in...
Reviewer: )€-\) H€-\) - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 12, 2009
Subject: Rockin Weekend
We traveled out from University of Denver, four of us in a Jetta, Popped two Valium and slept the whole way With my head on a super fine Girl's lap. I don't remember If we talked or what, but by the time we saw the strip, she was to be my new girlfriend.Had SO MUCH FUN taking over Las Vegas with my brothers and sisters, it felt like utopia. Walked into circus circus with 5 bucks and walked out with a bottle of Jack Daniels and 30 dollars for some other things. We slept in the parking garage around some other wayward travelers. The next day, Jay Leno walked right by us and said," They look like they're here for the Grateful Dead Shows," while we were loitering outside the Caesar's Palace. He was with his pals going to his limo, he was cool. He said hi and didn't make trouble for us. Didn't know he was that short though. The Shows were OK considering the HEAT and my new girlfriend dehydrating due to the mushrooms she ate on her pizza earlier. She must have forgot to drink!! We were dancing, then THUMP! fell over the row in front of us, luckily someone there to break her fall a little. Good AUD recording, the best i've heard on here.
Reviewer: The Trout Whisperer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 24, 2009
Subject: Blast From The Desert
It's great to hear this one again- simply for nostalgia.

This was the last show I saw before Betty Ford killed Jerry. Drive out from Breckenridge, CO at the last minute.

I remember STEAMING hot weather, and firehose 'showers' around the rim of the stadium.

I walked in early that day (was all banged up) and sat right in front of the stage railing while the Dave Matthews Band opened the show.

The concrete was so hot you couldn't even sit on it unless you had something underneath you!

What a weekend. Lake Mead was ROCKING that weekend, and I didn't make the next two shows at Sam Boyd. Looking back, I wish I did.

The end of an era was near but came too soon.
Reviewer: cosmo21 - favorite - April 5, 2008
Subject: Worst of an average run
I had a great time at these Vegas shows but the performances were not ones for the record book. I thought the show on the 19th was the worst of the 3, with an absolute throw away 1st set. Even the lame 6 song set on the 20th was slightly redeemed by the Race is On. The 2nd set on the 19th had a couple highlights including Standing on the Moon, but is clearly surpassed on the following 2 nights. If you are looking to download a 95 Vegas show start with 05/21 and work your way backwards.
While I certainly don't approve of the damaging of peoples personally property I can't help but laugh when I read that somebody keyed a Yugo in one of the reviews below. Heck they could of cut the door off with a Ginsu knife. Also a good way to avoid smelling like urine is to open your fly before peeing.
Reviewer: greg bines - favorite - January 18, 2006
Subject: bad bad
Reviewer: Superhero - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 18, 2006
Subject: was worth the trip with my folks!
I have to say that after seeing the Dead at the Palace the previous years, it was well worth the trip with my folks out west. We took a vacation to Las Vegas and knowing the Dead were gonna be there on the same given dates, I miraculously handed them their first tickets. They have never ever been to a Dead show in thier life and I felt it was indeed something to do for them.
My mother being a high class woman did leave her 2pt diamond braclet on and being so sunny, wherever I roamed the UNLV stands, I knew where my parents were. They truly enjoyed the show mainly the encore.
So the way I look at this show:

3 GD Tickets: $325
3 NW Airfare: $350
Hotel: beats me, parents took care of that.
Car Rental: $200
3 bottle Water: $300
The Dead/Parents/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: PRICELESS!
Reviewer: MCSZ - favoritefavorite - December 21, 2005
Subject: 2 Stars
Reviewer: Pizza T - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 27, 2005
Subject: 95 high
Another show proving that the 90's actually rocked.
Reviewer: bwbrenton - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 4, 2005
Subject: Last Dead Show
Lots of heat... both from the band and the sun. I thought I was going to pass out at least twice on that day. My last Dead show ended with my best friend in the parking lot under a pink, purple and orange sky. Incredible.
Reviewer: direwolf2003 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 12, 2005
Subject: No. 2
Having got "on the bus" at the Delta center show (I only made it to one) I got to see my second show outdoors!!! A GREAT show from start to finish. Only down side was someone had keyed my mom's Yugo in the lot. She was not too pleased when I returned two days later smelling of urine.
Reviewer: stratocaster - favoritefavorite - March 30, 2005
Subject: vegas 95
I went to all three shows in Vegas. This was the first show and the weakest. The first set was tepid and "featured" the worst Althea ever...The second set never caught fire, although playin' actually had a nice, mellow jam, in went into UJB, of course, but the lyrics were butchered...thankfully, Standing on the Moon (check out the huge ending) gave the crowd something to cheer about...consequently this was the last time I ever ingested aud quality
Reviewer: bigredlouisiana - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 13, 2005
Subject: Louisiana Boy Sees Dead
Drove in from Ft. Collins, CO. with counterpart Jim. Rode into Vegas clandestine-like and met lovely Suburban girls from Dallas at Lake Mead. Thundering Picasso to start into everything although not the best sound quality...this set is all about Althea and Around and Around near the end. Memories better than quality. trippy tuning>Flying tortillas, fire hoses to cool off the crowd. Very memorable weekend.
Reviewer: MattyQ - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 3, 2004
Subject: trippin' in the desert
Coming all the way from Antigonish, NS, this was definitly a long, strange trip. I remember losing money playing craps, running into friends while dancing under the shower at the show and some spacey showercap buds!!
This was not the best of the three, but the mere size of the crowd was enough to make it an experience in it's own right. Second Set was a highlite with the HCSS opener followed up by a Playin' => Uncle John's.
Worth a listen to if anything else.
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